Hire a Travel Companion

A Travel Companion is Not Just for Seattle

A Seattle travel companion can accompany you on a personal or business trip anywhere you want to travel. There is nothing quite as frustrating as being in an exciting new place, finishing your business for the day, and being all alone. Exploring new surroundings is not the same when you have nobody to share your experience with. This is where a companion is in her true glory. She is the perfect person to explore the new culture with, discover the tastes of new and exotic food with and help you navigate your new surroundings.

companion travelsJust imagine how much faster your business meetings will go when you know there is someone special waiting for you once they conclude. Imagine dancing on unfamiliar soil with a captivating and alluring woman, laughing together by candlelight as you experience the textures and tastes of unique new foods and walking through an unexplored city together beneath the night skies. You can hire transportation to drive you around so you see everything there is to offer. Just remember you will have to take your eyes off your scintillating companion every once in a while.
Even if your days are consumed by business, your nights will be magical adventures. Delight in the taste of a new wine together, dress like the locals and just enjoy your time together. A lovely companion makes the air taste sweeter, adds exhilaration to the breeze, and makes the sunshine just a little brighter. You can have intelligent conversations or act like a boy still in school, feast on the exotic dishes, or enjoy the simple local fare. No matter where you choose to go or what you choose to do, your companion will make certain you make the most of your time together.
The best part is when your business trip concludes, you will not have to face the long plane ride home alone. Your companion will be there to keep you company on the drive back to the airport, entertain you while you wait for your plane to board and make the trip home a lot of fun. The memories you made on your trip will have you eager to hire a companion the next time out of town business arises.

History of Female Companions

The History of Companions

Professional Seattle escorts services are not new, they began during ancient times as a way of worshiping in the temples. These services were considered both legal and illegal depending on the way they were performed. The main reason companion services were often considered illegal was because they were not taxed at this time. This meant they were not classified as a business. This led to numerous businesses obtaining companions as a part of their services so they could be claimed as a legal business. These services were abolished by a new emperor during the 4th AD. The Goddesses in the temples were destroyed and Christianity replaced the practice.

During the beginning of the 18th century, protecting women’s rights became imperative. This was one of the main objectives of the government of Mesopotamia. This was due to the misuse of companions and the refusal of the people to pay for the services after they had been obtained. The companions in ancient Greece were both men and women. The females were often extremely influential and their services were expensive. Companion services were considered a business at this time and taxes had to be paid. The women wore unique clothing so potential customers could easily identify them. In order to qualify as a companion, the women had to be gorgeous to attract as many clients as possible.
escorts companionsAncient Rome has companions as well. The service was legal, recognized as a business activity, and taxed by the Roman government. There was one main difference between the companion services of Rome and Greece. Greek companions were usually from another country. Companions were also common throughout Asia in the Muslim regions. The companions entertained the guests of the wealthiest in society. The companions were required to learn numerous dance styles for the purpose of entertaining their clients. The most popular companions were the women with the best educations. This was considered a sign of sophistication.
Companions remained a part of history throughout the middle ages. As unemployment began to increase, becoming a companion was often the only employment a woman could find. The practice started to spread all over the world as a legal business requiring taxation. Many women viewed the service as a business opportunity that enabled them to earn a living wage. Business thrived due to the large number of women willing to work as companions and the abundance of clients. Escort services continued to develop and became more organized during the 21st century.